Courtney M. Barr, L.Ac., MAOM

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

After years of pursuing my love of acting and theatre, I attended the University of California, San Diego to earn my Bachelor's degree in the area of theatre arts. Only a semester away from graduating, the debilitating anxiety and panic attacks I'd suffered from for over a decade forced me to take a leave of absence from the university. Little did I know, this experience would lead me to discover my true passion in alternative medicine and acupuncture!


After months of taking countless medications with terrifying side effects that were leaving me tired and lethargic, I knew I could not resign myself to a lifelong dependence on medication. I started looking for alternatives and was introduced to nutrition, supplementation and the meridian system by a chiropractor. Finally, something that recognized and addressed the root cause of illness instead of just symptomatology!


After 2 years of consistent weekly acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal supplementation, I was finally able to say that my history of anxiety was truly in the past! It is a freedom I hoped to give to others. So after lots of soul searching, I decided to go back to school for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Southern California University of Health Sciences. During this time, I sat on the board of several clubs including American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - College Chapter. However, one of the most fulfilling parts of my education was being able to volunteer with Healing Hands for Humanity and give free acupuncture treatments throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. 


Three intense years later, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my Master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I started my practice in Rancho Santa Margarita out of Lotus7 Yoga, Pilates and Lifestyles Center. After 5 years of creating and growing my practice in that beautiful space, I have expanded and moved into a private suite in Mission Viejo in September of 2019. 

As a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I specialize in Women’s Health, Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Disorders, Digestive Dysfunction, Facial Rejuvenation, Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Weightloss, Smoking Cessation and Pain Relief. Along with acupuncture, I offer Chinese herbalism, cupping, essential oil acupressure, gua sha, tui na massage and craniosacral therapy along with nutrition counseling and lifestyle recommendations and life coaching for patients who are seeking help, but aren't comfortable with needles.


My focus is to educate patients that pain and illness are the body's way of telling us to pay attention. Listening to the body, slowing down our busy lives and having compassion for, and finding congruence in, our minds and bodies is how true health is attained. It is my belief that optimum health comes by educating ourselves and becoming attuned to what our bodies truly need.